Version 5.3.0 release notes

In this v5.3.0 release of Front Matter we got some great new features to announce to you.


Custom draft content status

Custom draft status is now supported with the new frontMatter.content.draftField setting.

The draft field can be a boolean or you can add your own choices to the field.

Info: More information about this can be read on the custom draft field section.

Enhanced SEO checks

New SEO checks are now available for all your content/pages.

Info: More information about the enhanced SEO status checks can be found at SEO status section.

ğŸŽ¨ Enhancements

  • #158: Add support for non-boolean draft/publish status fields
  • #159: Enhancements to SEO checks: Slug check, keyword details, more article information

ğŸž Fixes

  • Value check when generating slug from title
  • Fix for date time formatting with DD and YYYY tokens
  • Fix in tag space replacing when object is passed

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